3. How to text God back

God’s communication system is way in advance of ours. You don’t need a phone to text Him. You can just think the texts and He’ll get them immediately. Or you can speak them out loud or whisper them and He’ll pick them up clearly. Just tell Him what’s on your mind. You don’t need any pre-set words.

Quite often He’ll answer by making one of the texts you’ve read speak to you personally. You’ll just know it’s for you in your situation. Sometimes He’ll give you a thought that seems to drop into your mind from nowhere, or someone will say something, and you’ll know that’s your answer. Sometimes you can simply tell that God’s working things out amazingly.

You will find many more messages from him to you if you start reading His “text-book”–the Bible. There may be a lot that you don’t understand or that doesn’t interest you at first, but keep reading until you find something that speaks to you. Start with the books of Psalms, Proverbs, or Ecclesiastes. Try the Gospel of John in the New Testament. Look up the texts above and read around them. There is no question that you will hear God as you read. It’s very exciting!